Ephemera was first conceived as an installation, to emphasise the synaesthethic properties of the project. The focus on the olfactory opens up new interactions between scent and sound, the material and the immaterial. The installation is an evolving work, with the visual element changing according to space.

The installation was first launched at Unsound Festival New York in April 2014 at Audio Visual Arts, with Bass, Noise and Drone presented at various times. The visual element was comprised of a screen-printed design by Manuel Sepulveda, which was activated by UV light.

The second phase took place at Unsound Krakow in October 2014 at the National Museum of Krakow, Szolayskich House, across five rooms. Noise, Drone and Bass rooms contained an improvised structure created by Piotr Jakubowicz. In two separate rooms, Marcel Weber (MFO) and Manuel Sepulveda presented visual reinterpretations of these fusions of scent and sound in the form of video works and graphic patterns printed on canvas.

At the end of October 2014, Ephemera travelled to the Tromsø Center For Contemporary Art in Norway, installed as part of Insomnia Festival. In a single large room, scents and sounds were again presented at various times; the visual element a single graphic pattern on canvas by Manuel Sepulveda, which was changed each day to match Bass, Noise and Drone.

Further installations will be set up in 2015 - contact us if you are interested.

  • Curated by Małgorzata Płysa and Mat Schulz
  • Scents Geza Schoen
  • Sounds Ben Frost, Tim Hecker, Steve Goodman (Kode9)
  • Video Marcel Weber (MFO)
  • Prints Manuel Sepulveda (Optigram)
  • Improvised structure Piotr Jakubowicz

Thanks to the Rolex Institute for their support.

Thanks also to Air Aroma.