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One of the most exciting perfume-related experiments in quite some years… one of the very few projects to actually elevate fragrance from a (very often shallow) status of luxury goods/cosmetics to art.

Nero Profumo

Bringing the concept of Smell-O-Vision up to speed for the 21st Century.

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Music festivals are not, as a rule, particularly easy on the nose. Whether it’s the omnipresent dust, port-a-potty reek, or the spilled beer, there are plenty of reasons that music fans have taken to wearing bandanas over their faces, bank-robber style. But Unsound… is aiming at something far more conceptual—and seductive, albeit in a curious, nerve-jamming way—with its Ephemera series of perfumes.

Pitchfork, as part of the Holiday Gift Guide, 2014

This year could be the year that Wire Magazine subscribers begin smelling like they always wanted to. Instead of smelling like vinyl cleaner, they can finally be able to ooze magnetism via the scents of Drone, Noise and Bass.

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A real treat for fans of uncommon scents and electronic sounds.

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